Washing Machines: Telltale Signs Of Impeding Repairs

13 December 2016
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Having a washing machine provides utmost convenience to any home. Without this appliance, you will either have to resort to washing your laundry manually or having to incur costs by taking them to a laundromat. As such, it is prudent to know how to tell the signs of disrepair in your washing machine so that you can have them addressed before they become exacerbated. Below are some of the telltale signs of impending washing machine repairs.

Your washing machine is not filling with water

Another problem you may start to experience with your washing machine is the insufficient filling of the drum with water. There are a number of reasons why this problem may occur. One of the more common causes is if kinks have developed in the water hose. Straightening out this hose should eliminate the problem. If this does not help, then the underlying issue could be a clog in the hose. This would need expert attention to ensure that the clog is eliminated without posing the risk of damaging the hose in the process. Other underlying issues that would require a professional technician to address would be a malfunctioning intake valve that would be impeding the flow of water into the drum.

Your washing machine has become too loud

Washing machines will make some noise when it is in operation. However, if you find that the noise has become too loud to bear, it could indicate an underlying problem with the appliance. The first thing to do is to check whether the washing machine has become off balance. If this does not fix the problem, then you should try to ensure that your laundry is dispersed evenly when you are washing them. If you are still experiencing loud noises coming from the washing machine, then it could indicate that the moor mount of the machine has become loose. Since this component is located in a hard to reach area, it would be best to call a technician to secure it.

Your washing machine's drum is not turning

For your clothes to be laundered properly, the drum of the washing machine should spin during operation. If it has started spinning slowly or not at all, the fault could lie with the belts. A damaged belt would have to be replaced professionally to restore functionality to your washing machine. Conversely, a damaged lid switch could cause the problem. This would also need professional attention, as it is a complex process to replace it.