What To Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances

21 August 2015
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Kitchen appliances are vital for a highly-effective cooking areas. The right appliances will enable you to prepare your meals faster and with better quality observation. If you're building your new home, renovating or moving into a new space, you have the opportunity to rethink your kitchen and the appliances in them. As you do so, consider the following factors as you decide what to add into your kitchen. Energy efficiency Read More 

Types of Commercial Ice Machines

20 March 2015
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If you own a restaurant, diner or cafe, you can't operate without a commercial ice machine. But as you're thinking about what kind of machine to buy, you have a lot of options, so to narrow things down and make it easy, here's a list of the most common types of ice machines for your commercial use. MACHINES Modular Machine -- As the name implies, a modular ice machine has a modular shape that is ideal for placement on top of an ice bin or some other appliance such as a fridge. Read More